zach turner

artist’s statement

“in the store, the cookie jar says “cookies” in bland black lettering on a cream container. next to it is “salt” and “pepper.” down the road outside, the coffee house is painted grey and says “coffee” and the new neighborhood they are building is made of grey roofs, grey driveways, grey buildings with grey vinyl flooring. there is an order to these things, but the order is not natural.

my work believes in order, craves it, celebrates the mundane of it, but the order i seek to show is in contrast to what we are building. the chameleon’s scales have order, the stain glass window is ordered, the way leaves and light and life move is ordered. by showing life as it is, or in opposition to what we build, i seek to question the desire’s of our shared moment and the want to eliminate the “imperfection” of the unique.

for this project, i partnered with jared waisner (@jaredwaisnerphotography). using nothing but a projector and camera, we sought to reimagine the natural order and bring attention back to the beauty of nature’s structures.”


zach turner (he/him) is a photographer, teacher, and poet. he received his mfa from boston university, and is currently in europe on a robert pinsky global fellowship. other photos of his are published in wrongdoing magazine. during his free-time, he can be found ambling, cloud watching, and playing pretend.