theresa kohlbeck jakobsen

“væntanir” by theresa kohlbeck jakobsen


theresa (she/they) is a german creative, identifying as non-binary, who after spending ten years in the noisy party-metropolis berlin decided to spend one year off the grid on an archipelago in the center of the north atlantic. exchanging the dirty streets of germany’s biggest city with the wild, untamed nature of the faroe islands. art she produces under the name of pinkudreyma.welt are, for her, a tool of recovery as well as for coping with anxiety. works were exhibited in 2021 in tórshavn & fuglafjørður (FO), hanoi (VN), bridgwater (UK), and reykjavík (IS). right now theresa is working and studying in germany again. the latest exhibition was in march in regensburg (GER).