thad devassie

“the road up ahead” by thad devassie
“rural nocturne” by thad devassie


thad devassie is a multi-disciplinary writer, painter, and entrepreneur working from the outskirts of columbus, ohio. his contemplative work often examines dark places, figuratively and emotionally, where light finds a way to break through. with a writer’s mindset, his paintings offer a different medium to tell micro stories, conveying scenes in which viewers can construct a narrative of their own. his paintings have appeared in literary magazines, art galleries and juried shows, and are part of private collections across the united states. Thad was awarded the 2020 james tate international poetry prize for his collection “SPLENDID IRRATIONALITIES” (SurVision Books). in 2021, his micro-chap titled “YEAR OF STATIC” — containing micro prose alongside 11 original paintings — was published by ghost city press and is available for download.