submissions for issue three are currently closed.

be on the lookout for our next issue in late december!

submission guidelines

while we publish works of all themes, lavender bones favors pieces that deal with life, death, growth, and change. if you have any questions or concerns about your piece in relation to this, feel free to contact us!

we are not a paying publication. this is a goal that we are working toward being able to accomplish in the future, but for the time being, it is not something we are capable of doing.

you may only submit once per issue, unless something happens and you must withdraw your existing submission. if this is the case, contact us immediately.

we do not accept submissions via email. please submit using the form linked at the bottom of this page after reading our guidelines. work that is not submitted according to our guidelines will be ineligible for publication. if we have previously accepted your work, please wait at least one submission period before submitting again.

we do not accept work that has been previously published, but pieces that have placed in contests are still welcome! as well, simultaneous submissions are completely encouraged, so long as you contact us immediately if your work gets accepted somewhere else.

all literary work should be submitted in times new roman with 12 pt. font. please ensure that your name is not visible within any of the works, unless it mentioned in the piece itself. all works should be submitted on one file (either a word file or pdf) with numbered pages. refer to genre-specific requirements below. any works that may be accepted are subject to grammar changes for the sake of uniformity, but nothing will be affected without the express permission of the author.

all artistic works should be submitted as a good quality pdf/jpg/png image. each piece should be submitted as its own individual file within the same submission form. please make sure you are only submitting the art itself in the image (we don’t particularly want to see your bedroom or kitchen table along with your piece). refer to art specific requirements below.

content warnings are absolutely required for any pieces in which they might apply. we will publish graphic works to a certain extent, but only so long you give a proper warning. any reader of your work should be properly informed of its content.

** it should go without saying, but lavender bones is an accepting space. no works promoting any form of bigotry will be accepted. as well, any plagiarized works will not be considered.

poetry: submit no more than 5 poems, none of which may exceed 3 pages in length. the collective page count should not exceed 15 pages. poems must be single-spaced, and titles should be at the top of the page. if your poem is more than one page, there is no need to repeat the title. strange forms and metaphors are very welcome.

fiction: submit no more than three pieces, none of which should exceed a word count of 4,000. total word count should not exceed 9,000. each piece should be double-spaced.

nonfiction: submit no more than three pieces, none of which should exceed a word count of 4,000. total word count should not exceed 9,000. each piece should be double-spaced.

artwork: submit no more than five pieces. any medium of visual art is accepted, so long a picture of it can be uploaded to our submission form. we accept black and white, greyscale, and color images. please make sure images are clear and do your work justice.

if you have any questions or inquiries about the above information, feel free to contact us here.