sofia de castro daniel

“agreement” by sofia de castro daniel
“barbatimão falso” by sofia de castro daniel
“sol.” by sofia de castro daniel

artist’s statement

“these photos were taken in a zone of transition between two biomes: cerrado and mata atlântica. they are both extremely biodiverse and intertwined with the life of those who live in their areas. the damage caused to them affects the biodiversity, but also the life of everyone connected to them. with these images, i wanted to portray the life and coexistence of species from both biomes, while showing how coexisting with them in a sustainable way is not only possible, it’s also necessary.”


sofia (she/her) is a writer, artist and musician from brazil. she writes mostly mystery, dystopian and poetry, and her work has been published in portuguese by revista trema. she also enjoys walking in forests and fixing broken things she finds in her house.