samir knego


marker on paper


marker on paper


marker on paper

Artist Statement

These colorful line drawings attempt to explore chaos in a calm manner. When I’m drawing, I imagine myself taking the smallest, shortest moments in time and stretching them out onto my page past the point of visibility until they become slightly distorted–but beautiful in a different way. I’m disabled and involved in disability arts and advocacy, which has influenced my (positive) thinking about (typically negative) perceptions of abnormality and deformity. Much of my art explores subjects like sleep and the passage of time. While not naturalist art in the traditional sense, it is heavily inspired by nature and natural science.


Samir Knego (he/him/his) is a multidisciplinary artist. He lives in North Carolina with a bright green wheelchair and a little black dog and was LEVEL’s Spring 2021 Local Artist-In-Residence. When he’s not making art, he works in a library and listens to lots of heavy metal.