“nature dial” by ruthenium

artist’s statement

the majority of my pieces are layered images, and most of them start with pictures from nature. this is certainly the case with “nature dial”, which includes ice, sunlight, a gilded nautilus fossil, moss, running water, and more! in the process, i was struck by how the ray of glinting sun reminded me of clock hands. i’ve always considered the natural world to be both ruled by time and apart from it, everything growing and changing and decaying without cease, while oblivious to the clocks or calendars or deadlines that we humans have devised. and so, the idea of a nature-clock seemed deliciously ironic to me, and the piece and its title were set.


ruthenium (she/they) is an artist and writer currently living in the state of uncertainty. they believe creativity is real-life magic, and are obsessed with texture, context, light, and the question “what if?…” their art has been published in rabble review, celestite poetry, vulnerary magazine, and warning lines literary, among other wonderful places. learn more about them below!