pooja kalwani

artist’s statement

“this piece is a picture of the transition of a trans man, and him taking power in that position. in the center, there is him, breaking away from what he used to appear as. the newspaper articles, embroidered pink triangle, and grapes display the lgbtqia+ community throughout history. the moon and sun show the worlds constant pressure on queer people. and finally, the flowers on the piece show the beauty and elegance of this community through it all.”


pooja kalwani (she/her) is an 11th-grader from katy, texas with a profound interest in art and engineering. she enjoys pushing the limits of what she can do and testing the boundaries between functional structures and pieces of art, striving to become a perfect blend between frank lloyd wright and vincent van gogh without compromising her original flair. her art is, at the end of it, a message to the world and reflects how she sees it. though this is all to say, she also enjoys sitting down with a good cup of coffee (whether with her friends or a book), getting lost in her town, listening to the rain when louis armstrong is playing, and playing card games with her family