em moore


em is an eighteen-year-old writer, musician, and lover of the arts from myrtle beach, south carolina. she is currently a student at wofford college. her work has been recognized both nationally and regionally by scholastic art and writing awards. as well, she is published in fish barrel review and paper crane journal. she is an avid enjoyer of both oversized sweaters and record collecting. when she isn’t otherwise occupied, she can be found kicking her family out of the kitchen to cook, learning her favorite songs on the guitar, or waiting in the publix parking lot to pick her best friend up from work. she is a fan of prose poetry and lyrical nonfiction. with her art, she seeks to capture the parts of life that leave one breathless, since they are the moments worth living for.

andrew sinclair


andrew sinclair (he/they) is an eighteen-year-old writer. his work has been published or is forthcoming in fish barrel review, brave voices magazine, and kissing dynamite, and his poetry has been recognized by the scholastic art and writing awards. in their free time, you can find them impulse buying poetry collections or talking to their dog in a silly, high-pitched voice. he is currently attending the university of iowa.

emma mcartor


emma mcartor (she/her) is a nineteen-year-old dreamer. she is a student at anderson university (sc). her nonfiction has been recognized by the scholastic art and writing awards. emma spends most of her time listening to music and driving as she lives a double life as a student and a sister. she clings dearly to things of the past, something she promises she is working on. she plays video
games like the sims 4 and stardew valley as a method of coping with the reality that life will
never be like the movies. speaking of movies, her life wouldn’t be complete without them. emma (over)indulges in fantasy and hopes to one day become someone’s favorite high school
english teacher.

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