em moore

founder and editor-in-chief

em is a eighteen-year-old writer, musician, and lover of the arts from myrtle beach, south carolina. she is currently a student at wofford college. her work has been recognized both nationally and regionally by scholastic art and writing awards. as well, she is published in fish barrel review and paper crane journal. she is an avid enjoyer of both oversized sweaters and record collecting. when she isn’t otherwise occupied, she can be found kicking her family out of the kitchen to cook, learning her favorite songs on the guitar, or waiting in the publix parking lot to pick her best friend up from work. she is a fan of prose poetry and lyrical nonfiction. with her art, she seeks to capture the parts of life that leave one breathless, since they are the moments worth living for.

grace warren-page

reader and outreach manager

grace warren-page is an eighteen-year-old nomad of south carolina. she is currently attending the college of charleston. her work has been recognized by youngarts and scholastic art and writing awards. as well, her writing has been featured in anthologies from both kenyon college and kelly’s writers house, and is published in paper crane journal. in the midst of her travels, grace constantly searches for funky mugs at thrift stores, portraits by alice neel, and clippings from local plants to propagate. she first became interested in arts after her grandmother, who raised her after her mother died, passed away from a rare lung disease. because of her personal experiences with death, the fleeting aspects of life, and the beautiful moments one never seems to forget, she pursues the questions, curiosities, and the child within herself. 

andrew sinclair

reader and life saver

andrew sinclair (he/they) is an eighteen-year-old writer. his work has been published or is forthcoming in fish barrel review, brave voices magazine, and kissing dynamite, and his poetry has been recognized by the scholastic art and writing awards. in their free time, you can find them impulse buying poetry collections or talking to their dog in a silly, high-pitched voice. he is currently attending the university of iowa.

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