issue three

24th december, 2022


“winter sickness”

“beached” and “vectors & vessels”

“broken cartilage”

“lotus fever”

“cut out sonnet”

“on sunday” and “talking about everything but”

“these days i dream of slow dancing with ghosts”

“the october cat”

“too proud to beg/too stubborn to die”




“these 3 corners”



“acherontia atropos”

“the late frankie donetti”


“do you remember”

“ettore’s harvest”

“(laurel) hell is real”

“fairy tale for an acorn”

“medusa, or the ones that do not drown”


“the fish”

creative nonfiction

“the chorus and the refrain”

“in this one”


“time budget line item one: sundays at five”

“nothing, anything, as long as it’s true”

“picking the meat off my own bones”


“somewhere in the night sky there is a constellation waiting to be named for the war you fought”

“my angel, my mother”


“a daughter’s journey”

“and btw you owe me popcorn”

“all bites are off”

“holding hands with an angel”

visual art

“buried with a view”

“how we blossom”

“the homecoming”



“paved paradise” and “rainbow connection”

“flow” and “nature’s breath”

“dendron ii”

“dreaming in the rose garden”

“dawning” and “river gorge”