editor’s note


holy shit. that is all i can really say.

it has been a whirlwind of a year, and it’s been difficult to stay on top of everything, so thank you all for bearing with my tardiness and lack of motivation.

but we are here. finally, this issue is here.

i am so in love with every single piece that will be published this go around. there’s such a diverse range of styles and voices, and all of it is beautifully written. from prose poetry to pieces of art made SPECIFICALLY for this magazine (oh my god, i can’t even believe i’m typing that), there are so many wonderful artists that i get the honor of featuring.

having just graduated and experienced a lot of loss, i’ve found myself in a bit of a writing slump. for a while, i wondered if i even wanted to continue with it. i had lost the love it once gave me. however, the pieces in this issue have rekindled that for me.

to everyone in this issue, you have inspired me to keep going.

thank all of you, and thank you to everyone who follows this magazine for staying patient through all of the delays. i appreciate you more than words can express.

i hope you enjoy this issue as much as i do šŸ™‚


em moore, founder/editor-in-chief