editor’s note


it has been an absolutely insane journey creating this magazine over the last few months. there have been happy moments, technological troubles, and even days where i’ve debated just deleting the site and pretending that anyone who submitted was hallucinating the entire thing. however, we are here, publishing our first issue, and i could not be happier with the results.

i’ve always found myself fascinated with the idea of change. that’s really what this magazine is centered upon. life, death, growth…all of these things are just changes that happen over the course of time. especially in current times, change is something that everyone has experienced, in one way or another. i certainly have, and so have the authors featured in this issue. this summer, i decided that i wanted to create a place to highlight that change. i wanted to make a space that it could be safely reflected on rather than hid from or feared, because change is an integral part of life. the more we run from it, the faster it chases us.

i’m deeply impressed by the work in this issue. the words i’ve gotten to read as a result of this magazine have impacted me greatly. further, though, the support that we have received in such a short amount of time is beyond insane. four hundred and fifty one submissions for our first issue. i’m honored to have chosen the following pieces for publication, and i hope you all will enjoy reading them as much as i have.

thank you all for sticking with lavender bones. much love to each of you.


em moore, founder/editor-in-chief