editor’s note


welcome to issue three of lavender bones! this period, we received more submissions than we ever have before, and thanks to that variety, this has been such an interesting and wonderful issue to piece together.

there is so much talent in these works, and i am ecstatic to get to share them with you all!

this issue took a lot of help to get on its feet. having started at university, i definitely wouldn’t have been able to sort through, read, and select pieces for publication on my own. serious thanks needs to be given to andrew, emma, lily, nero, wiggy, suchita, and stephen for being such a great help throughout this process. you all are lifesavers. 

as well, thank you to everyone who submitted, as well as those who have been with this magazine since its founding and after. i would not be able to keep this running without all of your support. 

all of this being said, i truly hope you enjoy this issue as much as i do. go shower these artists with some love! happy holidays to all of those that celebrate them. 


em moore, founder/editor-in-chief