caroline grand-clement

medusa battles loneliness

i think i’ve mistaken
you for someone else /
my body for something
i could trust / my footprints
for a path leading away
from devastation / you see
i learned sex as safe
only when impossible / only
when theoretical & alone /
my eyes turned prey
the second someone else
walks into the room /
so here’s a joke /
i keep waking up
in the same bed /
thinking it’s mine /
it never is / i do this
all day / until i no longer
get tired of waking
in the wrong place /
i do this all night /
listening to the battering
rain / the only time
bruises appear / on
knuckles & jawlines /
you see i think i’ve mistaken
this heart for my own /
these hands as actors of
something kind / when
the mirror reflects /
i only see snakeskin &
so / i turn to stone


Caroline Grand-Clement (she/her/hers) is a queer artist studying English & Scandinavian literature. She is probably busy scanning the sky for birds. You can find her right this way.