anna freyne

artist’s statement

“i work with a variety of media including recycled materials, collage, photography, and digital imagery in my work. through working with both camera and computer, i create images that seek to challenge traditional conceptions of photography and painting. the process behind the creation of my digital images begins with photographing my own artworks and layering these digitally with images found in other media.  techniques from painting and photography, such as the layering of colour or the interplay of light, are used to produce images that create a unique outcome.” 


anna freyne (she/her) is an irish mixed media artist who works with a variety of media including collage, textiles and digital art. images of her artwork featured in the waxed lemon, kithe journal, drawn to the light press, cerasus magazine, the jupiter review, the lumiere review and the hyacinth review. anna is currently studying an m.a. degree in art, psyche and the creative imagination, in TUS limerick school of art and design, ireland.