alejandro gonzalez

artist’s statement

i stay too dazed
dressed down to my core white
just like your dear sweet light
oh, it’s never too soon to be in bloom.

dazed is a part of a series of illustrations i worked on during early 2022. at the time, i had begun to date my wonderful girlfriend and was working through my quickly developing feelings through drawings (as well as cheesy attempts at poetry, as you can see above). to an extent, it is frankly corny, but it is certainly true.

this piece in particular depicts a nonsensical room in which two character inserts share a toast. i like to think it serves as a celebration of the beauty twenty-year-olds can carve for themselves within mundane spaces.”


alejandro gonzalez (he/him) is a venezuelan visual artist, illustrator, and graphic designer, currently pursuing a digital arts bfa at florida international university. his style can be described as a blend between expressionist painting, street style graffiti, and comic book inspired line work. alejandro’s work has appeared in a plethora of art shows and publications, including the broward art guild, the albrecht kemper museum, and florida international university’s humanities edge. contrary to popular belief, he does have a heart.